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Welcome to I heard it in a meeting. I am a person in recovery and active in my 12 step program. IHIIAM is here to share some brilliant wisdom that is shared in the meeting we attend.

At first, I thought this would be a great outlet and support venue for folks in recovery, however what I found is this information and inspiration is wonderful and can be useful to anyone. Not just those of us dealing with an addiction disease.

So What, Now What

I briefly knew a gentleman in the rooms my first few months in sobriety with 30+ years. He used to say, “I’m Ted and I’m an alcoholic, so what, now what.” I loved that line and I loved Ted for what he stood for and I make it my own. Great, we are all here and we stand to be commended for that but it is only the beginning.

My journey in recovery started many years ago and many relapses later I understand what this means. It means that the 12 steps is just a framework, a concept well-defined and directed but useless if not enacted. I am a strong man in recovery today because I do what is suggested. I stay in the middle of the pack even though I don’t always want to. I don’t agree with all things 12 steps and that is the beauty of it, you don’t have to. However, I do believe in the core principles of getting a power greater than yourself, cleaning house and helping others. I try to do that whenever I can and yes, practice these principles in all my affairs. I don’t always get it right but I get up every day and manage to stay sober, everything beyond that is icing on the cake.

Why I Love the 12 Steps

There is nothing like the concepts of the 12 steps, certainly for recovery but just for personal development in general. I am a believer in the core principles as I stated above. As with any large group or community there will be dissension and disagreement but if the principles and traditions are solid, the concept will prevail.

I realize we run into folks that are disagreeable or sometimes downright insulting and arrogant. I am sure I have turned a few people off myself. Those individuals are not the 12 step concept. They are merely expressing their perspective on it. While I don’t or rather it will do me no good to judge them or even argue their perspective, I can take it or leave it and be on my way.

Whatever you think about the 12 steps, no one can argue their core principles. They are solid and stand the test of time. Individuals come and go and twist and turn everything and anything that can be debated but principles stay true through thick and thin.

I Know I Can’t Help You

No matter what I say or do I have absolutely no power over your choice to engage in your addiction or not. Nor do you have that power over me. I may never say or do something that will help you but I know I can never do something that can hurt you. All I can do is live the principles and try to keep my side of the street clean. Whatever resentments or feelings you may have about me is none of my business.

This may sound harsh on the outset and certainly folks get hurt by others, my included but at the deepest level it is a choice. You can choose to heal, to not react, to forgive or you can choose to hurt, react and resent. I have done both and the former is a much better place to be.

So when they say this is a selfish program, they mean no one is going to do this for you. In fact, it would not be real if you did not do this recovery 12 step thing for yourself. However, you don’t have to do it by yourself. To be selfish is to ask for help, not expect it to show up on your doorstep. Participate in your own recovery and be of service. Believe it or not these are all selfish things. Ultimately we want to stay sober and this is what is suggested to do in order to achieve that goal today.
Help yourself and you will help others.

What IHIIAM is Hoping to Accomplish

To be brutally honest, I don’t have the foggiest idea. I am doing this because I feel compelled to do so. Are there ulterior motives like do I want to create revenue or become a circuit speaker? Yes and no. I would not mind adding to my bottom line if I could add value to somebody’s life. However, I have no intention whatsoever of becoming some kind of voice in recovery. In-fact the entire content here is based of what is heard in meetings. Although I may write my thoughts, there are simply that and the real wisdom is what is taken from the rooms.

I hope you enjoy, all the best,


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