Get Rid of Worry

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There is a difference between being prepared, considering all circumstances, actions that may need to be taken and the consequences of those actions, and being worried about the outcome once you have prepared.

To worry is to waste. However, I do it all the time. It drives me nuts when my daughter gets on and airplane. To this day I have her text me when she lands. Now she has her own daughter which makes it doubly worse for me haha.

Turn it Over

It can literally stop me in my tracks, caught up in fear and apprehension. However, I can choose to get rid of worry and see it as an opportunity to turn it over to my HP. What will be, will be and I have absolutely no power or control over the outcome. There is no way the pressure and physical stress of worrying can help. But letting go can and will reinforce my faith in my Higher Power. Each time I let go, I build a more strength and faith. That has served me well.
By practicing this, you can go from someone who has a tough time dealing with the future to someone who stays in the present and merely prepares for the future and lets it happen.

This is one of the toughest scenarios human nature offers up. It pervades every aspect of our life but if we can turn it over in fear of loss, we can also do so in work and confidence and relationships and when we turn it over and let go of the worry in only one of these aspects, we strengthen our ability to do it in all of them.

The Next Time Worry Creeps into My Mind

If I stop and realize nothing else matters but what I can do in my present moment, I can get rid of worry. I can ask myself if there is anything I can do right now to affect what it is I am worried about. If the answer is yes, then I dot. If the answer is no, then I let go and have faith that what happens is exactly what is supposed to happen.

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